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Height: 174 cm   |   Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blond   |   Weight: 59 Kg.

As an artist I enter creative and artistic processes both seriously and playful.


Since 1996, when I graduated from Theater School, I've been working constantly and professional with my craft.

I see my craft and education as a possibility to tell stories. Words and stories are my passion and, to me, the very door to any work process I enter.

From a very early age I simply knew I wanted to become an actress, and wether my path into the stage can be explained by my families long tradition for breeding artists, or it's my passion for the written and spoken word, I could'nt tell!

To me it's very important to provide trust in the artistic workprocess, and I always contribute to that. The directors vision is obviously my goal and I see my special skills as the ability to read my directors intentions and be at true collaborater.

Love for the power of words.

Regardless wether it's me working solo in a studio, or I'm in progress on stage, my love for the spoken word is in focus. The subtlety and possibilitys language gives us simply makes me happy.

I meet colleagues and challenges openly and with the desire to learn and give.

other Skills

I'm sporty and fit. I speak english and french. I drive.

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